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…He keeps showering me with gifts…

December sun
shining green blades of grass under snow
the second when tears stop

the way newly dried tears feel on a smiling face
walking to music, keeping the rhythm
frozen lake white with sunshine

laughing at myself
trusting still
the endlessness of music

His Word in my hands


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“It is by the consecration of one special part that we are enabled to consecrate the whole. We keep the Lord’s Day holy, so that all days may be sacred; the Lord’s Table holy, so that all our meals may be sacraments; the Lord’s House holy, so that all creation may be His temple.

The special times of prayer, therefore, whether in the quiet room or in church, are not to be regarded as ends in themselves. They are not intended to be little islands of fellowship and peace, cut off from the great continent of ordinary life. Rather, they are to be observed in order that the whole of life may be fellowship with God.”

(Stephen P. Winward, “Teach Yourself To Pray”)

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He’s large enough to contain a million stories; large enough to contain my own. Yet He has come to dwell in my soul, this narrow, often dark hallway, home to anxieties and doubts. To Him I say, Make me more like You. Make me large enough to perceive Your horizon of freedom. Of peace about this Unknown Future of mine which is a painting hanging on Your wall already. Make me bold enough to join Your happy laughter as it travels across the sea.

(Joan Miró – ‘Ceci est la couleur de mes rêves’)

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